1 1/2″ Deluxe Insert Glide Cup White

1-1/2 Inch Deluxe Insert Glide Cap - Fits an 1-1/2″ Inside Diameter - White
SKU: PP-30-612

This is a white 1-1/2" inch (1.5") deluxe insert, cap or glide. It fits an a 1-1/2" inch inside diameter metal cup that is welded on the leg of a wrought iron chair. We have these cups (part #30-408) if you have one that is broken off and needs to be replaced. These inserts, caps or glides typically install in the glide cups on the bottom of wrought iron furniture legs or feet. They are a snug fit and might take a tap from a soft mallet to install correctly.

New replacement inserts, caps or glides make using your wrought iron furniture a joy. Gone are the annoying scraping sounds when you drag your furniture across the deck or patio. New glides or caps for the bottom of wrought iron furniture legs or feet make them move smoothly and quietly across any deck or patio surface.

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