My Cat Loves My Outdoor Furniture

They say that a cat can choose the most comfortable spots to sleep. You know it’s true. You see your own cat sprawled out on the bed or curled up in a chair close to the heater. My cat is no different. You could say that Wally is pretty much a typical cat. He is a hand-me-down or was gifted to us by a friend who found him to be too much for them. He sleeps over ten hours a day, demands to be let out while I am sleeping and spends his life in pursuit of his own comfort. (He will let you know if he wants to be petted and when he wants you to stop.)

I have noticed that in addition to his regular indoor haunts he has been spending much of his sleep time out of doors. The day time temperatures have been in the 50s and 60s and my furniture is on the porch and out of the wind. I think it helps that the bottom cushion, in the evening, is in the warm direct sun. He curls himself up inside the back of the chair and basks in the warm sun.

My porch is covered and backs up to the house on two sides. As a space it is cozy and inviting. With a couple of outdoor chairs, it is a comfortable outdoor living space. Not only is my outdoor furniture great for my own personal relaxation but my cat seems to enjoy it too. There is something nice about finding my cat asleep in my outdoor furniture setting.

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