How-To Videos

From time to time we, at will make a how-to video on a topic we think would be helpful to our customers. We post these on a YouTube channel, but you might rather click on them here.

Replace Straps on Wicker Chair Frames

Often, the original cloth straps on outdoor wicker cushion seating become stretched and loose. It is possible to replace the cloth straps with more durable vinyl strapping. This video shows you how.

Measure for Wrought Iron Glide

At we try and take some of the guess work out of ordering replacement wrought iron glides. So, what is this video all about? First, we show you a typical wrought iron chair glide. It's not in a nice new chair but in an old, well-worn item. Next, we remove the old worn glide from the steel glide cup. This is typically how you find these glides, cracked or worn through with a hole in them. A simple push and twist of the screw driver has it out in seconds. Then we show how to make sure the glide cup is free of any old plastic bits and we show how to measure. Using a steel measuring tape, the inside diameter shows to be one and one-half inches. This is prefect because we sell glides in 1-1/2" but we also have glides in 1-1/4." Our 1- 1/2" deluxe glides come in both black and white.

How To Replace a Welded Glide Cup

Many types of wrought iron outdoor chairs have a glide cup welded to the bottom of each chair leg. Sometimes these rust out and need to be replaced. First remove the old glide. Most of the time this can be done with just a pare of plyers. Next grind off the excess welds and rough places. Before welding, make sure the new glide cup sits level with the floor. Tack the new glid in place from the top. Now finish the weld from the bottom.