Outdoor Blues

I am looking out my window as I write this. It finally got cold in my neck of the woods. For a while I was using my outdoor furniture in the warm afternoon sun but now I have retreated into the house. I am assuming that many of you also have abandoned your outdoor furniture and have been camped out by the wood stove. Rest assured, spring will come again.

I have a neighbor, a farmer of some age, that I saw clearing brush from a road side ditch. I stopped and ask what he was doing since the sky was clear and there was no rain in the forecast? He looked up at me and said one of the wisest things I have heard. “It’s not raining now but it will and when it does these ditches have to be clear to flow water to drain my fields.” Yes, it’s not “if it’s going to rain” it “when it’s going to rain.” Like the song says, “the sun will come out tomorrow.” So, on that hope I look out the window and try and stay warm.

There are things that can be done for your outdoor living spaces much like my farmer neighbor and his ditches. This is a wonderful time of year to do some tree pruning. With all the leaves off the branches you can see the over grown branches better and make more informed cuts. Plus, it’s a lot nicer to do some heavy work in the cold and not the heat of summer.

It’s also a good idea to pull any outdoor cushions or outdoor pillows off your outdoor furniture frames and place them in dry storage for the winter. I know that they say that they are made for the outdoors, but they will last longer if they are kept in a dry place out of the weather.

With the cushions off don’t forget to look at the overall condition of your furniture. Check any spring plates for wear and splintering. Check for missing glides and end caps and just give your outdoor furniture a good going over so there won’t be any surprises when the sun comes out again.

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