Designing Outdoor Living Spaces

If you are like a lot of people your outdoor living space comes pre-defined by your living arrangements. If you are an apartment dweller you might have a small patio and access to a larger common pool side area. If you live in suburbia builders usually leave a tiny yard and a bare concrete patio. I live in the country. The builders of my house just plopped it down in the middle of an acre lot and the outdoor living spaces have been added as needed. I do have a porch with room for a couple of outdoor cushion chairs and a small outdoor glass top table. It over looks the flower bed and is a great spot to watch the humming birds in the summer.

No matter what style of outdoor living space you have there is always room for improvement. There are many things you can do to improve the livability of your outdoor living spaces without breaking the bank. First is your friend, not only for great deals on used outdoor furniture but for outdoor tables, potted plants, umbrellas and more. Decorative planters can add a touch of green to even the most barren outdoor spaces.

If you buy used furniture you need to look it over. Does it have missing glides or end caps? Are the position brackets broken and the spring plates splintered? Often you can use these areas of neglect to bargain for a lower price all the while knowing that they are easily fix with parts from Be sure and check your potential bargain outdoor furniture for broken welds or cracked metal. If you see evidence of broken welds or excessive rust walk away. That’s not bargain outdoor furniture, that’s dangerous outdoor furniture. The chances are good that you will end up spending much more than your bargained for trying to get this outdoor furniture in some kind of usable form.

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