Wicker With Drop In Seating

How-To Replace Sagging Cloth Strips on Wicker Cushion Chairs With Drop In Seating

Often, the original cloth straps on wicker cushion seating become stretched and loose. It is possible to replace the original cloth straps with more durable vinyl strapping.

Before you start you will need some tools and supplies.

  • Scissors or Shears
  • Drill Motor with a 1/4" drill
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Baby Powder
  • Large Pot of Boiling Water
  • Tongs
  • Two Inch Vinyl Strapping
  • Plastic Rivets
  • Hammer

First remove the bottom cushion and pull out the strap frame.

Next you will need to remove all the old cloth straps.

You can pull the staples or just rip the cloth straps off and pound the staples in with a hammer.

Next using a measuring tape, mark off 2 and ½ inch increments on the frame. This is where you will drill your holes.

Drill holes on the outside of the frame.

Using a cloth measuring tape measure from hole to hole, wrapping the tape over itself as if you were installing a strap.

To figure your strap length take your hole to hole measurement and multiply by .90 and then add one inch.   The new strap will be a little shorter because it needs to be stretched.


Your original hole to hole measurement = 28”

28 x .90 = 25.2”

Add one inch.

You should cut a strap that is 26.2” long.

Cut only one strap at first and install that one. Adjust the cut size if you think it needs to be tighter or looser.

Cut and trim the strap then drill a ¼ inch hole in each end.

To make the straps stretch easily they need to be heated. We recommend dropping the cut straps into very hot water. Do not boil them but when they are hot enough they will have the consistency of cooked noodles.

Install a rivet in the strap. Install the strap, with the rivet into the hole in the frame and wind the strap over the rivet and to the other side.

Pull the strap steadily while wrapping the strap over top the opposite side of the frame. Pull the strap slightly to the side of the hole and insert the rivet. Move the strap over the top of the rivet to hold it in place.

It seems complicated but it’s not. It may take a few straps to get the hang of it but it will go fast after that. Here are a couple of tips

  1. Have a helper. It helps to have an extra set of hand to help hold these frames and hand you the rivets.
  2. Use baby powder. Baby powder acts as a dry lubricant and keeps the hot vinyl from sticking to itself.

Watch our How-To video on Replacing Original Wicker Cloth Straps.