Steel Weld Cup for Wrought Iron Chairs

Steel Weld Cup - 1 1/4″ Inside Diameter Steel Cup for Replacing Wrought Iron Welded Foot - Center hole is 1/2″ diameter
SKU: PP-30-409

Use our steel cup to fix your wrought iron outdoor furniture. Many wrought iron chairs lose their feet, or the cups used to hold the glide inserts. These are smaller than the PP-30-408 Steel Glide Cups we offer. They take a 1-1/4" glide. A wrought iron chair that has lost its glides is no joy to use. They rock on uneven feet, sink into the ground and scrape decks and patios when moved. The good news is they can be fixed. Our steel cup just welds in place and makes that wrought iron furniture like new again.

Steel Weld Cups are unfinished and may have surface rust when you receive them. These parts cannot be zinc plated, anodized, galvanized or metalized because those finishes will cause harmful fumes when welded. It is impossible to completely stop unfinished steel parts from rusting on the surface. The 30-408 parts are coated with oil to help reduce the amount of oxidation that causes rust. They should be degreased by cleaning with soap and hot water before they are welded or painted. The welding will cause the part to burn so you will need to clean the welded foot after the welding by sanding, wire wheel polishing or sand blasting before they are prepared for paint.

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