Vinyl Caps

Vinyl Caps are those clear plastic feet you see on many types of outdoor furniture. They come in different shapes because table and chair legs come in so many different styles. There are teardrop shapes for outdoor furniture table and chair leg glides that fit a tapered tube. There are square clear plastic vinyl caps that fit the ends of square outdoor furniture table and chair legs. The type of vinyl cap is determined but the type of metal tube forming the outdoor furniture table and chair leg. We have the most popular styles in stock right now.

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1/2" Vinyl Teardrop Cap

1/2" Outside Diameter

1-7/16" Disk Cap

1 7/16" Disk Cap, Fits over 1 7/16" Diameter Flat Metal Flange, Cap Outside Diameter 1 5/8", Clear Vinyl

3/16" Square Vinyl Teardrop Cap

13/16" Square Vinyl Teardrop Cap, 13/16" Outside Dimension

5/8" Vinyl Teardrop Cap

5/8" Vinyl Teardrop Cap, Frame Size: 5/8" Outside Diameter