What Is a Position Bracket Anyway?

What is a Position Bracket?
A position bracket, in outdoor furniture terms, is a slotted detent that allows the back of a chaise lounge or chair to be adjusted using a variety of angles.  Usually you will find position brackets on backs of chaise lounge sling or vinyl strap furniture. It allows the back to be raised slightly or to a more vertical position allowing the person seated to recline or sit up comfortably.

Why Replace a Position Bracket?
Position brackets are usually made of plastic and can break. Often, if the furniture is left in direct sunlight the plastic can start to deteriorate and they become brittle.  Since position brackets can bear the weight of someone leaning back against them it is a good idea to renew and replace these items every couple of years.

How Hard is it to Replace a Position Bracket?
It’s easy. Position brackets are held on, usually, with two sheet metal screws. Loosen these screws with an appropriate screw driver, remove the old position bracket and install the new one. Simple.

How Many Will I Need?
Most position brackets are mounted in pairs. At PartsPuppy.com we sell position brackets individually, so you will need to order two per chaise lounge or chair.

Are There Differences in Position Brackets?
Yes, we offer two types of position brackets, a four position bracket and a six position bracket. Make sure you order the correct bracket for your application.

Do Position Brackets come in Different Colors?
The four position brackets come in both black and white. The six position brackets only comes in white. We have been asked for brown and green position brackets but as of this writing we have not found a supplier for these. We will keep looking.

4 place position bracket