What Is An End Cap?

What Is a Patio Furniture Sling?

Detail of Sling Chair End CapsThere are many types of outdoor furniture. Some types are strap chairs and chaises that use heavy vinyl straps for the seat and back. Others use specially made outdoor furniture cushion with seat pads and backs that repel water or just pass it on through all together. Then there are sling chairs and chases. A sling outdoor furniture chair uses a special cloth insert that is inserted between two sling rails. These rails are affixed to the chair or chaise frame with bolts and even a special spreader bar to stretch the sling tight. The key to a good-looking sling is a good tight fit.

The fabric that slings are made of is a special nylon weave. It is designed not to stretch under the force of normal operation and load (sitting).  If the material were to stretch it would leave the chair or chaise looking ugly and saggy. The original sling has what is called a rod pocket sewn into each side of the fabric sling. This stitching is done with a heavy industrial sewing matching using heavy durable outdoor rated thread.

A length of sling spline [sling-rod-for-outdoor-sling-furniture] is inserted into this rod pocket and the while think is pulled down into the sling rails on either side of the chair. The sling rails are removed from the chair frame to make installation easer. Baby powder helps the installation as a dry lubricant.  The sling rails are then bolted back on to the chair or chaise frame stretching the fabric in place.

What Does This Have to Do With End Caps?

Sling Chair with End capsIn a word, it has everything to do with end caps. End caps for the outdoor furniture chair sling rail perform two functions. First, they give the outdoor furniture a finished look. Without an end cap, the sling rail looks unfinished. The second reason to use an end cap is for the health of your outdoor sling chairs. The end cap keeps water from collecting in the sling rail. Water, when it freezes, can swell the sling chair rail. This damage can render the chair unrepairable if the sling rail is spread so far as to not effectively hold the rod pocket in the sling. This happens quite a bit and it is sad when a nice chair or chaise gets ruined. Don’t let it happen to your outdoor patio chairs and chases.

Always replace broken or missing end caps. They will keep your outdoor furniture looking smart and functioning correctly.