Wrought Iron Glide Cups

Wrought Iron chair leg with glide cupAll You Ever Wanted To Know About Steel Weld Cups for Wrought Iron Chairs

Most wrought iron outdoor furniture have glide cups made of steel. They are typically welded on the bottom of each chair leg and they are designed to hold a 1-1/2" round plastic insert glide securely in place. Over time these steel weld cup for wrought iron chairs rust out, typically if they are missing their plastic glide inserts and the steel glide cup is sitting directly on damp ground.

At PartsPuppy.com we are dedicated to saving perfectly good outdoor furniture from a trip to the land fill. The good news is these rusted out glide cups can be cut off and new ones welded on. It seems that this is the part of the operation that causes our customers the most concern. If you live in rural farm country, you probably know a welder or two or you might even weld yourself. Most people, living in major cities, might have trouble locating a welder. My advice is to call a muffler shop. These people are masters at welding mild steel and will probably fix your chairs while you wait.

So, what’s the process?
First you will want to cut the old glide off. You can do this with a grinding wheel or even a hack saw. Cut the old steel welded glide cup off at the base. Don’t cut too high or you chair will be uneven. You will probably want to wait and let your welder do this. They can melt the old weld and remove the offending glide cup without causing any damage.

The welder will reattach the new glide cup using a torch or a stick welder. A word of warning: do not look at he light produced by an electric welder. It is as bright as the sun and can damage your eyes. That’s why welders were special hoods with very dark shielding.

Ordering the Right Wrought Iron Chair Glide
At PartsPuppy.com we try and take some of the guess work out of ordering replacement wrought iron glides. So, what is this video all about? First, we show you a typical wrought iron chair glide. It's not in a nice new chair but in an old, well-worn item.

Next, we remove the old worn glide from the steel glide cup. This is typically how you find these glides, cracked or worn through with a hole in them. A simple push and twist of the screw driver has it out in seconds.

Then we show how to make sure the glide cup is free of any old plastic bits and we show how to measure. Using a steel measuring tape, the inside diameter shows to be one and one-half inches. This is prefect because we sell glides in 1-1/2" but we also have glides in 1-1/4." Our 1- 1/2" deluxe glides come in both black and white.

If you need to order a steel weld glide cup you can find them here http://partspuppy.com/steel-weld-cup. If you need plastic glide inserts for wrought iron steel glide cups you can find our selection here http://partspuppy.com/glides-feet-for-the-bottom-of-chairs.